Narrative Essay Mama

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Mamas pancakes never failed to make my taste buds pop. The soft, blueberry flavor, that mixed perfectly with the velvety texture. I never like wakin’ up in the mornin’, but when Mama makes her special pancakes….all heaven shines down on this house. The sunlight, shined through them shiny windows that Mama worked hard to keep clean. My soft footsteps came rushin’ down the stairs, as I smelt the delicious wonders that wafted through the house. As I jumped off the second-to-last step, I heard Billy’s shouts, boucin’ off the wall. I walked into the small kitchen, the sight of food made my stomach cry out. I looked over at mama and Billy and I knew they was arugin’ ‘bout somethin’. “Mama, please?! All them kids are goin’!” Billy gave Mama his puppy …show more content…

I didn’t wanna go against Mama but….maybe this would finally end all this hate and negativity. I looked at Billy and took a small breath, as I nodded. He smiled at me and grabbed me into a sideways, brother hug, “I promise it’ll be worth it.” We got to school in fifteen minutes after we talked, goin’ straight to our classes with nervous heartbeats and sweaty palms. I wanted to do this but at the same time I was nervous ‘bout this whole thing. It was too late to back out because I already promised Billy I’d do it. As the day finally unfolded, it was already the middle of the day. Usually at this time, we had our free period. All the kids have already said that were gonna ditch at this time, so I waited outside of Billy’s class for him, as all the kids rushed past me to the door. Finally after ten minutes, Billy ran out of his class and grabbed me. We ran towards the exit and went back out to the outside. The kids were all runnin’ to the destination. Billy and I followed close behind. When we got there, everyone was already havin’ their fun. All the African-American kids, were walkin’ and clappin’, singin’; as loud as they

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