Character Of Paul In Tangerine By Edward Bloor

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Imagine living in a town where lightning strikes, muck fires and sinkholes happen all the time. Well in the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul Fisher lives in a town that has all these terrible events happen almost daily. The town that Paul lives in is Tangerine County. Paul lives with his mom, dad, and Erik. Paul’s dad only pays attention to Erik and spends all his time with Erik because he wants Erik to become a pro football player. When Paul’s family moves to Tangerine Paul attends a school named Lake Windsor Middle school. His mom makes an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and later in the book Paul gets told he can’t play soccer because of his IEP. Paul is disappointed, furious, and sad because he loves soccer. From the beginning of the novel readers can sense the character traits differences between Paul and Erik Fisher. Paul is much more caring and kind to others, versus his dissolute brother Erik who is highly disrespectful sneaky, rude and egocentric. Erik’s actions of evil traits are ongoing, but definitely more pronounced his actions after Mike Costello’s Death.
“ I carried my bags of groceries on into the kitchen and set them down. Then I heard a strange sound. It was the sound of the voices in the backyard. Happy voices. I looked through the …show more content…

For instance, “All I remember next is mom shouting ‘Paul!’ as I took off, flying through the air. I landed hard on Coach Warner’s back and held tight, riding his neck and shoulders. He lurched to ones side, losing his grip on Tino” (pg 259). In addition, “The penalty for this and any other level 4 infraction is expulsion”(pg 294). This evidence tells that Paul helping two people do something wrong is a bad choice. As a result Paul gets expelled from Tangerine Middle School. In my opinion this was a really idiotic idea and Paul should never help people do something wrong ever

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