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I have recently read your article “Hip Hop Planet” where you discussed the global impact of hip hop. During your introduction, you expressed your nightmare where it revealed your fears, and values. You evinced that rap, which changed the world, now rules the world which left you feeling behind and uncomfortable; a stranger to it. You experienced a nightmare vision where your daughter fell in love and married a stereotypical thuggish rapper, which caused you to rethink your ideas of hip hop. You experienced hip hop right as it started to originate, and as a result, unknowingly influenced you throughout the rest of your life. After 26 years of fleeing from hip hop, you regretfully realized that you had missed out on the most significant cultural event that took place in your lifetime. Although initially …show more content…

Additionally, you illustrate the pop culture as being aware of the importance to recognize value as well as the warning it is sounding, in which we should begin paying attention. You challenge us, as a society, to take the initiative to embrace expression and to change the social inequalities that still plague us and other cultures from around the world. The main purpose of writing your article is an appeal to the adult generation to not dismiss hip hop, but to listen carefully to the message and realize that a generation wants acknowledgement and a resolution to these troubles and inequalities. I entirely agree that we have metamorphosed into a “hip hop planet”. No matter where you look or travel, hip hop has wriggled into our everyday lives, and cultures all around the world. Mr McBride, you claim that “It is a music that defies definition...remains an enigma, a clarion call, a cry of ‘I am’ from the youth of the world” (McBride 8). This is true, as hip hop has disseminated everywhere and has transformed into a style, and has become a way of expressing the social problems our world still

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