What Are My Duties As An Area Commander

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Department of Homeland Security Area Commander, Acting District Commander, Federal Police Officer/Inspector, Department of Defense Police Officer/ Sergeant. EXPERIENCE: March 2004 to Present; Department of Homeland Security GS-0080-13, Salary, $108,057.00 Area Commander, 2320 LA Branch, Suite #2106 Houston, Texas 77004. In the performance of my duties as Area Commander, I currently supervise a cadre of Law Enforcement Officers, administrative staff and manage the contracted Protective Security Officer (PSO) program. I am responsible for overseeing the law enforcement and security for 116 Federal facilities in Houston to include the surrounding areas within the southern district of Texas. I have performed duties as the acting District Commander (GS14), overseeing daily operations for the Southern District of Texas and the entire state of Louisiana during a non-concurrent period of approximately seven months. In a supervisory position, I oversee daily operations and assign work based on priorities, complexity, duties and capabilities of employees. Explain work assignments, requirements and procedures; answer technical questions, review work in progress and upon completion to insure clarity, accuracy and compliance with instructions and …show more content…

I have extensive experience in developing effective solutions or decisions for complex issues by carefully analyzing short and long-term consequences. I effectively formulate short and long-term strategies across organizational units to achieve successful outcomes. My work ethic has a positive impact on the team, which inspires dedication, determination and trust within our organization. I encourage my employees to participate in training opportunities and become actively involved in developing new ideas and improving methods of

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