Broken Arrow Police Officer Personal Statement

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I began my career as a Campus Police Officer for the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond while obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. The reputation of the Broken Arrow Police Department made it my first choice when looking for a place to call home. I continued my education by obtaining a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Northeastern State University with some credits from the University of Virginia while serving as the Support Division Major. I have completed the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police CLEET certification course for Police Chiefs as required by state law. I am currently an adjunct-instructor teaching Criminal Justice studies for Tulsa Community College and previously Northeastern State University. I have had the honor and privilege to …show more content…

In my six years as Deputy Chief, the Broken Arrow Police Department has never exceeded its budgetary allotment. I worked collaboratively with department personnel to define our future needs during the Vision Public Safety Sales Tax initiative. As the Deputy Chief, I tasked the Division Commander to create a business plans support the overall mission and goals of the department. I am the currently representing the department during labor union negotiations. I have an excellent relationship with Fraternal Oder of Police Union President which enables me to negotiate solutions before they become problem. I have fostered a positive relationship with all department directors during my tenure which always ensures a cooperative work environment. During my career I have demonstrated a proven track record of embracing and successfully new methods within the police profession. I have confidence in my leadership abilities and the talent of my supportive command staff to meet any challenge that may lay before the Broken Arrow Police

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