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1. Describe your college level coursework and/ or clerical experience as it relates to the knowledge and abilities of the Administrative Aide position.

As the Division Secretary, I monitor the Investigations Special Fund by making sure all purchases have appropriate correspondence. I execute monthly minutes for the County Commander’s Association, Child Death Review Team, SART and Sergeants meetings. I prepare schedules for the Sergeants and Detectives. Distribute information within the office, answer phones, take memos, send and receive correspondence, as well as greet clients. I analyze monthly reports which I compile the data into statistical reports. I establish and maintain systems, both physical and electronic, for materials, documents, files and records, including reports, logs and correspondence. I have effective working relationships with other staff and communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and written. I maintain a high level of confidentiality and use discretion in disseminating information.

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These reports are created in Microsoft Excel and the Sheriff’s Office Records Management System. The reports I analyze are Narcotic, Investigations, Sex Offender Registrants and Child Death Data Collection. Prior to my employment with the Sheriff’s Office, I worked for Bay Federal Credit Union in the Internal Audit and Investigations department. I would perform daily, weekly and monthly periodic monitoring of financial reports. I would execute a monthly quality control report on all consumer loans throughout the credit union. My written reports would consist of my findings and recommend changes to the executive leadership team; this would mitigate risk by allowing the credit union to make necessary changes in order to be in compliance with federal regulators. I have extensive knowledge in Microsoft

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