Hope Solo Argumentative Essay

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Hope Solo, a superior goalie in the women 's soccer league. Many look up to her as a role model, an international icon and now an athlete being accused of domestic violence. In america domestic violence is a problem that is currently being addressed on some of the biggest stages we have to offer. Athletes being icons to not only the media but citizens all around the world every action they take is displayed everywhere. On June 21st, 2014 Hope solo was arrested on two accounts of domestic violence. She was given 30 days of suspension from the team and game of soccer do to her actions on June 21st. Was this suspension enough for America and the victims and spokesmen for domestic violence ? Many people argue that Hope solos actions should keep her off the field longer than her previous punishment served. Also that double standards are being held in athletics, that Hope serving another punishment will ultimately “save a life”. …show more content…

And finally that leagues are not set on appropriate disciplinary actions that athletes should serve when prosecuted of domestic violence, meanwhile I argue that when it comes to Hope Solo’s domestic violence case she has served the correct punishment for her actions and double standards are not a factor in this

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