Housing Coalition Research Paper

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Proposal Narrative for 4 U Housing Coalition
Tamela Milan
PPA 512 Course Name: Professional Writing and Communication in Public Policy and Administration
National Louis University
October 27, 2015

The Mission of 4U Housing Coalition (4UC) is to advocate for the planning and development of housing units for large families in the Humboldt Park area. The history of Humboldt Park shows Humboldt Park is one of 77 officially designated community areas, located on the West Side of Chicago, Illinois.[2] The Humboldt Park neighborhood is known for its dynamic social and ethnic demographic change over the years. The Puerto Rican community has identified strongly with the area since the 1970s; however, gentrification and displacement has significantly …show more content…

Some research shows the need for the coalition "Households with five or more people were found to have a lower likelihood of success in using vouchers than the average household. This finding provides support for the often repeated observation that the private market does not supply adequate numbers of large rental units." And another research suggests that "these findings may not be surprising, given that only about 7 percent of rental apartment units have three or more bedroom"( Khadduri, Burnett & Rodda, 2003) the coalition will address the supply of large rental units in the Humboldt Park community. We will collaborate on efforts to increase the supply of housing units available for families requiring larger units of 4 bedrooms or more. One such strategy is to work on the housing policies around low-income tax programs that may be utilized to increase the property tax incentive to help builders in providing larger units. We also will advocate on inclusionary zoning and working with legislature leaders to look at best ways to have the community benefit from the HOME program to include larger units built to accommodate those who require 4 or more bedrooms. The HOME program provides grants to states and units of general local government to implement local housing strategies designed to increase homeownership and affordable housing opportunities for low and very low-income Americans (U.S Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, n.d.). 4 U Housing Coalition would like to provide a 5-year timetable to look at how effective our efforts are for the Humboldt Park community. Our program methodology will look at community stakeholders to assess access of larger units through workshops and follow-up. The policy proposals developed and legislation formed will be a basis for significant efforts. We have found that

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