How Children Could Save The World By Lauren Gunderson Summary

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How Children Can Learn Empathy by Going to a Play In the article, How Theatre for Young People Could Save the World, Lauren Gunderson states that theatre has the possibility to change to world. March 20th is World Theatre for Children and Young People Day, which inspired Gunderson to write her article. She says in her article that theatre exposes young minds to more mature form of entertainment that they can still enjoy. Kids can be attracted to theatre because they make plays and musicals based on children's books, movies, history they might have learned about, or just have a silly story that will intrigue them as well. Theatre can also teach young people important life lessons in the form of engaging songs. One of these life lessons that …show more content…

I have been in love with theatre since the 5th grade. This article mentioned several things that I thought were very true. First, getting children involved in the arts early is just an all around good idea. Being able to sing, act, and dance can open many doors they may not even know existed. It can also force kids to step out of their comfort zone. Theatre can help children overcome their fear of public speaking, make them socialize with others, and teaches them to collaborate and work as a team, to be able to troubleshoot and think quickly in order to save a scene. Another thing Gunderson’s article said was that theatre can make young people feel empathy. In my opinion, this is completely true. Theatre has the capability to make you feel all kinds of different emotions by telling a story. Theatre can make anyone laugh, smile, weep, groan, get angry, and feel empathy all because we make the audience fall in love with the characters and the story. The last point Gunderson made was to take a kid to see a show. Taking a young person to a show could inspire them to do so many things, and that is exactly why people act. Not only is it fun, and a great way to meet people who enjoy the same kinds of things, but actors do what they do to inspire and invoke feeling and

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