How Did Adnan Judy Kill Hae

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Adnan Syed was a big guy who lived in Baltimore the location of low-income immigrants was convicted in the case of killing Hae Min Lee his ex-girlfriend on January 13, 1999. Who was described as a beautiful athletic girl, smart and responsible. Hae’s body was found February 9, 1999, in Leakin Park by a maintenance guy named Mr.S.The cause of Hae’s death was strangled to death. Adnan was arrested February 28, 1999, for her murder. The state thinks because Adnan is an EMT he would know how to strangle and revive. The state also thinks Adnan probably did it as a revenge kill. After all, he did go against his religion and beliefs to date her. Adnan’s friends have to say he didn't really care that they broke up nor did his mood change he was the

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