How Did Alice Paul Contribute To Civil Disobedience

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For hundreds of years, people have gone against the higher authority to fight for what they believe to be true. Only a fool will think that the development of society does not depend on the disobedience of individuals who yearn to make a progressive difference in the world. For example, women fought against the belief that they were not considered to be equal as men. An individual who participated in this justice is Alice Paul; she dedicated her entire life to bring equality to both men and women by advocating for the women’s right to vote and held many rallies in support of it. Paul held a peaceful protest in front of the white house for several days where thousands of women stood next to her, expressing their rightful opinions. In retaliation, police officers arrested the protesters on account for “unpatriotic behavior.” Moreover, they initiated a hunger strike inside the prison where Paul and her supporters experienced excruciating pain from the forced feedings they underwent. After hearing how these ladies endured gruesome circumstances, people began to advocate for women’s rights. Congress later passed …show more content…

The British colonists were unsatisfied with the cruel treatment administered by King George. He unfairly began to tax everything imported to the Americas which caused them to suffer in poverty. Because they thought of themselves as citizens, the settlers abhorred the taxations made without their representation in the government. To elucidate their anger, the pioneers dressed up as Indians and threw dozens of barrels filled with tea into the Boston Harbor. Soon after this protest, King George wrongfully closed the Boston port to stop goods from arriving. Their courage, their strong, tenacious courage ignited the American Revolution and the fire inside the colonists opened the door to independence. Without a doubt, the actions made by the settlers demonstrates the success of

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