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Anna Smith Strong was the first female American spy. She was a member of George Washington’s Culper Spy Ring of Setauket, New York. The work of the Culper Spy Ring was crucial to intercepting information from the British commanders in New York. By distributing this purloined information to the American leaders in the Revolutionary War, it gave the Patriots an advantage by removing the element of surprise regarding the enemy’s impending attacks and troop movements. Anna Smith married Selah Strong in November of 1760. She gave birth eight times but only had seven children who survived to adulthood. Their daughter Keturah was their first child, born in 1761. Thomas was born in May of 1765. Margaret was born in 1768. Benjamin was born in 1770. William was born in 1175 and Joseph was born on December 1st, 1777. George Washington Strong, the youngest, was born on January 20th, 1783. When Strong was pregnant with her youngest child, her oldest child was 22 years old. Women in Colonial America were exceptionally fertile and the average woman could expect to have eight children. …show more content…

He escaped from imprisonment and was forced to flee to Connecticut. Like many women during the war, Strong was forced to run their farm and care for her children alone due to the absence of her husband. She also continued her husband's legacy of patriotism through her involvement in the Culper Spy Ring. In September, two years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, agents in the Culper Spy Ring first began to bring intell of British happenings in New York City to the center of operations for General George

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