Men Vs Women In Sparta

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In Sparta men went to training camp for war when they were seven. Men that were cowards were cast out because in Sparta there was no room for men to be cowards. Women were educated in Sparta because they did most of the work they ran stores and took care of the children. Women in Athens had no freedoms and were commanded to stay at home, they also had strict rules for women. If women disobeyed the rules that men had made there would be consequences. Women in Sparta were treated better than women in Athens because they had more freedoms, more rights, and the men were always at war so they had responsibilities and. Women in Sparta had more and better freedoms because Aristotle says that in Athens women are not allowed to go anywhere without…show more content…
Men in Sparta were at war with Athens because Athenians started to think they were more powerful than the other city states, but in reality the only thing protecting Athens was a wall the women got more freedoms because of the men going to war with Athens. Women had many different rights they were allowed to do almost anything except they could not vote. The women of Sparta had many problems, though they could not have as many kids because if they did, they would not be able to work because they could lose the prophet and they would not be making an income. In Athens the women did have some rights but not many and the rights they had were controlled by men. This caused the men of Athens, to think that giving women rights was bad that is why they frowned upon Sparta giving women rights, but if they did not give women any rights they would not have been able to sustain a good society. With women in Sparta running businesses they could feel like they had a little bit of power which made the women work harder in Sparta(ancient history source books). Women in Athens had to stay home and they cooked dinner and they only were allowed to have five days worth of…show more content…
Women in Sparta took care of most things they kept order between the slaves. Women had their kids helping out the shop when they were old enough. The men in Athens thought that women having any type of power was wrong and they blamed the fall of Sparta on women. Women were not the cause of Sparta's fall but they did have a big impact on other city-states. Historians do know that Spartan women were known for their natural beauty, and that they were forbidden from wearing any kind of makeup or enhancements. Spartan women were afforded a public education as well. This was very radical - other Greek girls were not formally educated. They could, however, use their education to have careers or earn money But Most of the money earned was used to support the family. Their income came from land holdings that either they or their families were given through a public land distribution program or running the shops in the city-state. Land ownership for women in the Greek world was certainly unheard of especially in Athens. Men in Athens thought it was outrageous that women had
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