How Did Christopher Columbus Present Day

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Christopher Columbus first set sail in 1492, heading for the East Indies seeking trade routes to China. However he landed on the island of San Salvador in Central America instead of the East Indies. Columbus is renowned for the discovery of America. He commanded the boats called the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. While the technology Columbus used proved useful, but what if he achieved the technology of present day. If Columbus had the technology of present day, he would have quite possibly completed his voyage to the East Indies and found trade routes to china.
Christopher Columbus used many techniques to travel. It’s true that he did not find the trade routes to the East Indies and find trade routes to China. If he had he would not have founded America as we know it today. He used techniques such as dead reckoning, celestial navigation, the quadrant, the sextant and the astrolabe. While using these techniques he wrongly discovered San Salvador which led to the discovery of the Americas. While he
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Would he have been able find trade routes to China? We will never know, but we can make assumptions about whether he was better off with his equipment or if he would be better with our technology. Columbus used the dead reckoning technique and celestial navigation. I believe that if Columbus had the technology we have today for sailors he would have been able to find trade route to China and completed his voyage to the East Indies. The technological advances we have achieved over the past few years are extraordinary for that of which is for navigation and such. We have GPS and much more like radar and autopilot things have changed in leaps and bounds since Columbus's voyages across the Atlantic. So I do believe that if Columbus had the tools for navigation that we do today he would have completed his voyage across the Atlantic to the East Indies and found trade routes to
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