How Did Cyrus Build The Persian Empire

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The Persian Empire
An empire is an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, and that is exactly what the Persian Empire was during the ancient world. First, King Cyrus united two colossal tribes: the Medes and Persians to build the Persian Empire, also known as the Achaemenid Empire. Before Cyrus became the King of Persia, he grew to be a great leader. Conquering other great empires helped him build most of his great superpower. Because of King Cyrus the Great, the Persian Empire, one of the great superpowers of the ancient world, has a lasting impact on us today.
Cyrus II, one of the most influential leaders, had to accomplish so much to have kept himself as King Cyrus the Great. There is not plenty of information about Cyrus’ childhood, but many historians say that he was a noble born. “From even before his birth, it appeared he had been marked for greatness; for it was he...” His own grandfather was afraid that he would one day become strong and overthrow his kingdom. As he grew older, people noticed how ambitious he was for becoming more prominent at anything, and this helped him gain respect, not only respect of his people, but also from local tribes. “Once he had grown to a splendid …show more content…

The conquer was a success, and the Median Empire became expanded. By the year 550 BCE, Cyrus wanted to rebel against the Medes, To accomplish this he needed to unite his companions of local tribes to defeat the admirable Median Empire. As he built his men, he also had to consider in a very wise way to set up a strategy that will not fail the invasion. Successfully, he gained full control of the Median Empire with the help of local tribes, friends, and kinsmen. “The Medes ruled the Persians until 550 BCE, when the tables were turned by Cyrus the Great.” King Cyrus the Great knew that he needed to make the Persian Empire stronger, if he wished to expand

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