How Did Edgar Allan Poe Create Suspense

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In this era of movies and stories we have better graphics and word choice to make the stories more scary. Unlike now they did not have this in 1963 and 1843. But still the people who made it feel like it was a modern day story was Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock. One way they created suspense was by using foreshadowing to give a hint of what's coming next. Another way they created suspense is by using different wording than we would use than modern talking slang/wording. Lastly, they use onamonapias to create the story or film more scary and suspenseful. Edgar Allan Poe was a great author of poetry and liked to make the outcome of his stories clear and not leave us questioning when the story ends. Another thing he likes to do is use onamonapias to make the story he wrote more clear on the person’s position in the story and make it more scary. Lastly, in the Tell-Tale-Heart he had a more gory and and violent story than Alfred Hitchcock. …show more content…

Also, instead of using a story that is written he makes the onamonapias more visual by using a script and acting it out. Even though the movie The Birds had more points of violence the story Tell-Tale-Heart had more gore in it. But keep in mind that Alfred Hitchcock acted the story out not a short story on paper like Edgar Allan Poe. However sometimes the foreshadowing Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock used may not have made it easy to predict the future, but it still created a lot of suspense needed in the two stories for it to be

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