How Did Elizabeth Influence The Renaissance

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This informational essay is about how Queen Elizabeth the I of England is the most influential person of the Renaissance. The facts you will receive are about where she lived and worked, what her areas of expertise were, her major accomplishments, any criticism or disagreements she had during her lifetime, and why she is still studied to this day. This amazing woman received the crown at age twenty-five in 1558 after the death of her half sister. She wore the crown for a long 44 years. In the beginning of her reign she was struggling, in response to this the people of her country wanted her to marry a strong man to help her rule. But she wanted none of this. Elizabeth did not want to have a male companion constantly interfering with her decisions and having any power over her. Because she …show more content…

Most were reached, but not all. An example of one reached she kept England prospering during wars as well as political and religious mayhem for forty-four years. In the year of 1559, she hailed for the passage of the Act of Supremacy. This act refined the Church of England, as well as the Act of Uniformity, which created a common prayer book. "Elizabeth took a moderate approach to the divisive religious conflict in her country. 'There is one Jesus Christ,' she once said. 'The rest is a dispute over trifles.'" (Britannica School, Elizabeth I) Despite being a Catholic herself in the belief of God, many Catholics were still persecuted and some were executed under her reign. In 1570 because of these actions Pope Pius V eventually excommunicated her. During her rule, wars were ended because of her and her kingdom. With the help of her most strong-minded advisor, William Cecil, Elizabeth ended the war with France. In addition Elizabeth made the Spanish Armada retreat. She was able to avoid fighting with Spain for many years of her reign. Though not all of her goals were reached, the ones that were, were

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