How Did Eugene Debs Contribute To The Progressive Movement

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Eugene V. Debs is an important public figure of history who had a great impact on the progressive movement. He was selfless in his efforts to improve America and fight for what is right. It is his motivation, preparation, and accomplishments in life that have made him the great man rightfully remembered in the history books.
Eugene’s values and beliefs are his incentives for the courageous work he has done for
Americans everywhere. Debs’ kind and compassionate heart for others encouraged him to stand up for those without a voice. Since he was so compelled to help those around him, Debs fought for better working conditions for laborers (Source 2). However, many of his efforts to assist those in need did not always work out for the best. Debs was imprisoned …show more content…

The relationships he made in prison forced Eugene to fight even harder for the different causes so important to so people without a voice. Preparation
It is his background and upbringing that shaped who Eugene V. Debs was and led him to the contributions that he will later make for America. Born on November 5, 1855 in Terre Haute,
Indiana, Debs attended strictly private schools (Source 5). Despite attending good schools all his life, Eugene was forced to drop out of high school when he was only 14 in order to start work as
EUGENE V. DEBS 3 a painter in railroad yards (Source 4). That job allowed him to become very common with the railroads and the working conditions there. Later in 1870, He became a fireman on the railroad, while simultaneously spending his spare time at night classes at the local business college to further his education (Source 4). These factors all contributed to who Eugene V. Debs was and his reasoning behind his accomplishments.
Eugene V. Debs is an extremely important and influential figure in history due to

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