How Did Europeans Succeed Over Natives

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What Led Europe to Succeed over Natives Upon the uncovering of the of the America’s by the European super powers, most of the native American tribes were quickly captured. The question arises as to why the Europeans conquered the Americans and not the other way around. Europe was able to prosper and grow while the indigenous groups of the Americas stayed in the past. European success over American tribes was attributed to the fact that the Europeans possessed more advanced technologies and skills that could be used against natives, Europeans were literate and could record knowledge and events easily, and the European diseases brought over were devastating to the unprepared indian populations. When conquering the Americas, Europeans had majorly …show more content…

Diseases only found in the European world, such as smallpox, spread to the Americas due to people migrating with these diseases. Since natives did not have diseases like these, they were easily killed off by them. These diseases ended up killing 90 percent of the population native to America. The large number of deaths allowed the conquistadors to greatly outnumber indigenous people and easily capture the now weak tribes. Some may point out that the American diseases must have also affected the Europeans. However, due to the fact that many Europeans and their ancestors had worked with animals and in dirty places, many had already built up strong immunities to new diseases. This resulted in insignificant deaths of Europeans. Therefore, one of the major reasons for the victory of the Europeans over Americans was the biological weapon of diseases. Native Americans were easily conquered by Europeans because of the advantage in development Europe had. The advanced technologies developed in Europe were no match to the old and weak tools of the Americans. The written language that the natives had never truly developed kept these people in the past. And finally the dangerous and deadly diseases brought by explorers and settlers proved to be a huge weapon in winning over America. Europe became the powerful ruler of the world because of the ideas and advantages, “accidental gifts”, that they had received

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