How Did Faden Break Copyright

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The video was created by a man named Professor Faden. It is a video about copyright, fair use, copyright law, and all that good stuff. It uses sounds and words said by characters in disney movies. But Disney Studios is sueing Faden because he used those clips from their movies. The video or movie that Faden created came from Stanford University 's fair use project. Even though the movie is creative and all, he still used the clips from Disney’s movies without asking permission. It is used for a good use, like that sure could teach somebody about fair use and copyright. I think that he didn’t break copyright law. Disney’s movies go under fair use which Faden decided to use. He didn’t break the copyright law of plagiarism because he didn’t use 10% of disney 's movie. This is also called fair use and he used…show more content…
And it was not made for the government. His copyright lasts his lifetime, plus 70 mores years. There is no copyright evidence on the video, but it doesn’t need to have it. Because as soon as something is created, it is copyrighted. It is a CC BY type copyright. Even though Faden didn 't ask he still gave them credit at the end of the video and at the beginning because he put their intro that they use for movies. He should win because one he is still a school kid and he looked up disney’s rules about their movies. His work fell under fair use because his intent was not to make money but to educate. It wasn’t copyright because he was only using it for a class he wasn’t going out in public trying to sell a bunch of copies of the video. If he was doing that it would be copyright and disney would be able to sue him, but because he didn’t do that and it was only for education disney cannot sue Eric. They can try all they want but they aren’t gonna get any money out of him or his family. Because i 'm sure he doesn’t have enough money to pay the company disney. But one simple mistake and he could be sued for all of his belongings. His house, clothes, money, everything
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