How Did George Kill Lennie A Good Idea

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In the book of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck we are arguing whether or not that George killing Lennie was a good idea. I think that George made the right choice when choosing to kill Lennie because Curley would have hurt Lennie worse, Lennie was happy when he died and he would not have been if Curley killed him, and Lennie would have done more bad things if he wasn’t stopped. Curley would have hurt Lennie worse because he was still mad about his hand so Lennie would have been sad and he would have suffered. Curley said “I’ll kill him, I’ll shoot him in the guts.”(Steinbeck 48) This quote tells us that Curley would kill Lennie and shoot him in the guts. It tells us that Curley wants him to suffer. George killing Lennie was the right choice

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