How Did Hammurabi Laws Affect Families

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King Hammurabi created a set of 282 laws, thousands of years ago in a city called Babylonia to give peace. I think Hammurabi’s Code wasn’t just because it hurt the families, it’s punishment for property was to harsh and unfair to other people, and it wasn’t fair to personal injury. First of all, Hammurabi’s Code hurt the family. For example, Document C mentioned in Law 129 that if a women cheated on another man they shall be bined and thrown into the ocean. Also, in Document C it mentioned in Law 195 that if a son struck his father his hands shall be cut of. So based on what I read, Hammurabi’s Laws for families were not just because it negatively affected the family. This shows that Hammurabi didn’t think well of his actions on punishments. As you can see Hammurabi’s Laws for family was not just. …show more content…

For instance, Document D mentioned in Law 21 that if a man broken through a house to rob he shall be hanged on the hole he has made. Also, Document D mentioned in Law 48 if a man borrowed money to plant his field and if a storm destroyed it he shall not pay his creditor the following year. Based on what I read, these laws were not just because it didn’t positively affect personal property. This is important because now we know that Hammurabi didn’t give another chance to someone who did a crime. As you can see, Hammurabi’s Laws for personal property was

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