How Did John Adams Impact On American Culture

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Washington Becomes U.S. Capitol- In November of 1800, president John Adams became the first of the United States Presidents to live in the White House, previously on June 11, 1800 the Federal Government decided to move the nations capitol from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, to the city of Washington in the District of Colombia (Milli Canter). When Adams first moved into the White House it was still under construction by the French engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant chosen by George Washington. Overall the location of the capitol was a compromise between the northern states who wanted to pay off the national debt, and the southern states who wanted the Capitol's location to support agriculture and the slave trade (Washington). This decision had a significant impact on the culture and social structure of the United States. The capitol became a symbol for America’s …show more content…

Being the second president he was left with big shoes to fill from George Washington. Congress and citizens of the United States had extremely high expectations for him. He legacy in modern history remains controversial. Adams is remembered for his positive impacts on America by peacefully avoiding war with Britain and France, despite the pressure he faced all around him. Perhaps if Adams decided to go to war the history of the United States would have been very different. Adams is also remembered for his opinions on Republicanism, which introduced Republican ideas to the American government. However Adams is negatively remembered as a vain, eccentric, and stubborn man, and most of his cabinet and Congress believed he was unfit for president. This was evident when he lost his attempt at re-election to Thomas Jefferson and become the first president of the United States to serve 1 term. Despite these opinions Adams had a significant impact on American history and the formation of the United States into what it is

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