How Did John Locke Improve Government

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During the 18th century a group of highly educated European philosophers thought of ways to better their society. In order to come up with their ideas, they depended upon nature and observation.One of their main ideas was that greater individual freedom could help to improve many areas of socitey such as economy, government, religion, and equalit for women.
One philosopher that thought of ways to improve government was John Locke. He believed that allmen were born free and had the natural right to remain free. He also believed that the government should help to preserve this right. Locke thought that a government that was created by free people would have the best chance at keeping a free society. Through this, both the individual and the society would prosper.
Another philosopher named Adam Smith, thought of ways to improve the economy. He believed that the government should not control what people produced or how much they sold their product for. He firmly believed that a free individual would make better choices than the government. He also believed that if people were allowed to follow their own interest, that not only would it better the individual but the society as well.
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He believed that having a government that wouldn’t restrict religions, would help to keep peace within the society. Not restricting religions would help keep the violence and hostility low.
There was also a English female philosopher named Mary Wollstonecraft. She believed in equality for women. She believed that women had the right to be educated. She believed that by educating woman, it would help them to become independent. Education would help them be free.
Although there may be other ideas of the philosophers, these were the central points of society in which they hoped to
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