How Did Louis Armstrong Contribute To Chicago

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Jazz in New Orleans and Chicago

Accordingly to Selph , sometime ago New Orleans has been a birthplace of jazz, which was recorded for the first time in 1917 and could heard in cities in the South and Midwest. Musicians from New Orleans wandered to other cities exposing local musicians to the style of jazz (Selph 129). Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, known as the “Battlefield”, because he left school from 5 grade to support his family, and singing on street corners doing other errands, so consequently he had a tough life and raise in poverty. He married Lucille Wilson in 1942, during his life he had stay in New York there until his death on July- 06-1971, his influence as an artist developed in America in music, jazz. How did jazz …show more content…

At first, all started when African-American were only ones to play jazz that was called the Harlem Renaissance from 1919 to 1939, at this time was an American, like: Du bois, James Wilson, Johnson whose create, a school for young black population, literature because of the thought of education for blacks would be an achieve to learn arts and other thing in their lives (Early). When New Orleans move out of the city, Jelly Roll Morton had left town in 1907, he wandered around Mobile, Memphis, Chicago and California (he wrote most of his composition in Memphis) In somewhere along the history of music some of the black musicians from others cities, first heard of the new music were copied it. Also some of the white musicians copied the new music too, which white musicians formed ragtime and they were play in cabarets in Chicago, which one of the originals was “Dixieland” jazz band. In New York the ODJB made the first jazz recording at least 1922 when another white band in New Orleans. When Black jazz musicians moved to Chicago, but black newspaper like: “The Chicago Defends”, has said of better paying factory work in Northern urban centers (Selph

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