How Did Martin Luther King Contribute To Society

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man. He helped equalize the black race and also contributed to the unity of the United States. Dr. King knew when he marched that he would have to be ethical about everything he hoped to achieve. He knew that when he started the march that it was going to be a tough road ahead of him. His plan of keeping desegregation in his sights encouraged him to keep the marches and rallies peaceful. Martin Luther King had a dream, he wanted to end segregation peacefully, and make the United States a more equal place. He knew that if he wanted these things to be successful he would have to make many individual achievements come alive. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a speech “I Have A Dream”. King emphasized freedom and …show more content…

King is a very respectful, stern, and encouraging. [When it came to my speech drafts,” wrote Clarence Jones, who had already penned the first draft, “[King] often acted like an interior designer. I would deliver four strong walls and he would use his God-given abilities to furnish the place so it felt like home.] Martin Luther King Jr. was a very respectable black man who stood up for what he believed in. King was a huge inspiration to the world today. He fought to abolished segregation, he encouraged people of all races to treat everyone as equals, and he showed the world that if you believe in something you can make it happen. If King had not stood for what he believed in our society today would still be separated by color and race in all aspects of our daily lives. King is still a big part of history. He still comes to my mind when people mention racism. I think that if he wouldn 't have been assassinated racism would have almost been abolished today. King was a great man. He did great things. Ending segregation was a huge inspiration not only to the colored people of the United States but to each and every individual and how we choose to treat each other. King fought for what he believed in and it paid

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