How Did Martin Luther King Jr Influence Civil Rights

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Sometimes, I sit and wonder what life would be like if we hadn’t been influenced by the wise guidance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would we be in the middle of an all out war right now? What would’ve happened if we hadn’t had his amazing influence to stand up for the equal rights of all people? We will never know because of his power and influence over civil rights.
Michael Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. He was born a middle child Michael King Sr. and Alberta Williams King. His older sister’s name is currently Christine King Farris. She is the only living sibling of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He had a younger brother named, Alfred Daniel Williams King. Their parents created a very safe, comfortable, environment. Their father was disciplinal and their mother balanced it out with her soft heart and gentleness. Martin was partially shielded from racism as best as his parents could protect him. His father considered racism an affront to God’s will. Martin was baptized at the age of seven but it made no difference to …show more content…

fought for equal rights. It started with a 15 yr. old, Claudette Colvin refusing to give up her seat to another white person. After being apprehended and tried, it was revealed that she was pregnant, and the civil rights leaders then backed off for a while. Later there was another case just like Claudette Colvin’s, except for this time, it would be different. They let the case run its course, and she was fined $10, and charged a $4 court fee. One thing started another, as E.D. Nixon heard of the arrest and contacted King. Martin then made a speech declaring that segregation was wrong and that the colored people should not be taken to court for such a small and ridiculous reason. Over a period of 382 days, the African-American race would walk to work and not use the bus. Over this time period, both King’s and Nixon’s homes were attacked. Soon enough, the law was lifted and African- Americans could ride anywhere on a

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