How Did Ramesses II Influence The Egyptian Empire

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Ramesses II, also known as Ramesses the Great was an Egyptian pharaoh who was third to rule during the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. He was regarded as one of the most powerful pharaohs that ruled the Egyptian Empire, having reached a greater state of prosperity for the Egyptian Empire than any other pharaoh before him. Most importantly, he was also responsible for bringing an evolution for the social, political and cultural life of the Egyptian Empire, thus prompting my investigation to assess the influence of Ramesses II during his reign as a pharaoh from 1279 to 1213BC.
As one of the most important influences that occurred as a result of Ramesses II’s actions was the establishment of the Egyptian- Hittite Peace Treaty. The source is consequently …show more content…

Both the sources present the different achievements of Ramesses II during his reign which is useful in determining the extent of Ramesses II’s influence on the Egyptian empire in terms of political, social and religious aspects.
At the end of 1258BC, fifteen years after the start of the battle of Kadesh with the Hittite Empire, the conflict seemed meaningless as neither of the two empires could certainly defeat the other in battle. As a result, The Egyptian- Hittite Peace Treaty, between Ramesses II and Hattusili (who was the new king of the Hittites) was established. Being an official political document, this primary source is reliable in terms of its validity and accuracy and therefore can be used as contextual evidence.
The purpose of the peace treaty was to establish a peaceful relationship between the Egyptian and the Hittite Empire. As the text was originally written in hieroglyphics, a translation would have been required to understand the texts. This requires for some consideration in terms of reliability when reading the translated scripts, as some sections may be expressed differently by different

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