How Did Ronald Reagan Affect Society

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Ronald Reagan was born in the year of 1911 in Illinois. Reagan’s first career choice had nothing to do with government and politics. He actually decided to be an actor. He was extremely successful and was featured in many films. He married his first wife, an actress, Jane Wyman and had two kids but they got divorced later on. After a while, Reagan gained an interest in politics. This is when he met Nancy Davis who was also an actress. In around 1952, they got married and also had two children. Nancy was so interested in what Reagan spoke about and believed. She was definitely his biggest supporter. Reagan then decided to run as Governor of California in 1967. He won and ended up serving as governor for two terms. In 1981, Ronald Reagan became the 40th president of the United States. Also in 1981, there was an assassination attempt on Reagan. However, he survived this attempt and served …show more content…

This speech gave the people of our country many mixed emotions. Ronald states the concerns he has with our nation. First of all, Reagan was not a prejudiced person. He believed that nobody should be disliked and judged because of their race, skin color, religion, gender, etc. Therefore, he thought this was a huge issue with our nation and the Soviet Union hence the “evil empire” term. Reagan urged us to change our ways for the better and pray. It would definitely benefit our nation and everywhere else to not be so hateful towards each other. Reagan also was completely against communism. He believed that it was very sinful and evil and he begged for us to not be lead into temptation. Reagan talked about our problems with the Soviet Union. We were not able to make an agreement with them because they just went against everything our nation said. This was very hard for Reagan but he knew better. He knew that their nation was not strong like ours which eventually ended up proving to be true because their nation

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