How Did Stalin Remove Snowball

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He contends that Lenin had removed all vestiges of a democratic society and thus it was the only outcome that would be produced (Pipes 1997, 64). This is also an example of the French Revolution and how the revolutionaries destroyed all dissent which made it possible for Napoleon to come to power. In Animal Farm, Napoleon would remove Snowball after he was becoming vastly popular with the animals (Orwell 1996, 52-53). Snowball was one of the leaders of military operation to defend the farm while Napoleon was not part of the battle (Orwell 1996). Napoleon just like Stalin would use the machinery of the Party and the regime to remove dissenters. Since Lenin had removed the democratic structure and turned the party into the state, individuals were susceptible to a cult of personality that would dictate how people would have to act (Pipes 1996, 364). …show more content…

In Animal Farm, Napoleon removed the four young pigs that had differing opinions, like Stalin did when removing Grigori Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev, Nikolai Bukharin, and Alexei Rykov (Ferguson 2007, 430). Stalin would take steps to move away from what Lenin would want and made the central governing an elite institution that would live outside the ideals of the revolution, while many other individuals would live in worst oppression then under the Czar. Stalin would become an essentially a czar ruling by fiat. In Animal Farm, at the end, the pig would eventually turn into humans and the people were no between then they had been prior to the revolution (Orwell 1996,

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