How Did The American Revolution Change Over Time

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Impact of American Revolution through time

Almost all aspects of the lives of Americans were somehow affected by the spirit of the American Revolution. The attitudes of American people towards religious life, women’s rights, voting and slavery were changed forever because of it. There was a drastic change in social and political life after independence. There were significant changes in the hierarchy within the states. The American society became more egalitarian and less deferential, more meritocratic and less aristocratic.
There were a few changes that were immediately experienced such as sweeping away of the English traditions like laws of land inheritance. The Church of England in America could no longer continue to exist as its head was the British monarch. It would take another century to abolish slavery but an abolitionist movement had already been initiated due to the Revolution. Due to the American Revolution, other Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas started rebelling against their colonial masters for independence. This would mean that a new powerful nation would emerge that would endanger French and Spanish claims to territories.
American Revolution meant a major loss of balance of power and prestige for the Great Britain. Britain was the world superpower at the time of the American Revolution. Over time, the US began catching …show more content…

The American people were introduced to a new perspective whose consequences would be experienced even in the distant future. Americans started feeling that their fight for freedom wasn’t just local but global. Many democracies in the future would create the models of their governments on the basis of American government. Only a handful other events in the world have shaken up the existing order of the world like the success of the American

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