How Did The Black Death Change Society During The Middle Ages

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During the Middle Ages, life was simple and based around the feudal system. Christianity was the most widely practiced religion and the Church was deeply integrated into society. The lords owned the land and peasants worked for them on that land. The lord would then protect the peasants and would pay the king, who was the most powerful noble. The towns that these people lived in were dirty as people disposed of their trash in the streets, which paved the way for the Black Death to become rampant. The Black Death then lead to high inflation and a shortage of workers, which lead to an economic collapse. The Black Death also lead to less faith in religion and a breakdown of the feudal system. The Black Death altered life completely during the Middle …show more content…

The Black Death instilled fear into almost anyone occupying the places that the disease was in. This created a divide between the sick and the healthy. The social divide was so strong that most people wouldn’t even talk to other people who were sick. Wives left their husbands, a healthy person would flee from their sibling, and parents even fled from their sick children. Another way in which the Black Death changed society was that it paved the way for people to do whatever they desired. There were multiple reasons that people did whatever they desired during the Middle Ages. The first was that some people thought that satisfying their desires was the best way to combat the disease and the second being that a lot of lawmakers and officers died of the Black Death so the law was basically obsolete as no one was there to enforce it. People walked in the streets drinking alcohol and joking and would simply stop at a house and sleep there for the night. This changed the society in the Middle Ages because people could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. The Black Death had an immense impact on the society during the Middle

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