How Did The Greensboro Sit-In Movement Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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The Greensboro Sit-ins had a huge impact on the civil rights movement. At this time period even though some changes had been made for equality between the races segregation was still common in the south during the 1960’s . One movement in 1960’s that brought attention to how unfair segregation was specifically towards African-Americans is the Greensboro Sit-ins. This movement was inspired by four young college African-American men who decided that segregation was horrible to their race. The four young men names were David Richmond, Franklin McCain,Ezell Blair Jr,and Joseph Mcneil that started the whole sit-in movement.They were influenced by non-violent protest techniques by famous protestesters.

This movement had gone on until the four young men got the results they wanted for their race to be treated as equals in the community and around the United States.How the young college men put the optimistic plan into action.First they asked for help from a white businessman named Ralph Johns to help gain widespread attention to the segregation issue.The first day on the sit-in movement which began on February first 1960 where the four black college students walked into the woolworth's lunch counter …show more content…

It just started out as the four young men one day but the support they gained grew larger and larger.By three days the crowd grew from four to three-hundred students protesting segregation. It wasn't just the students in the south doing this protest they gained help from the north. They sent students to picket branches of segregated stores in the south.People questioned why the northers especially the whites would help four black college students in a movement that has nothing to do with them. The reason the whites from the north decided to help the cause is because injustice is not just a concern for blacks it should be a concern for

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