How Did The Market Revolution Change America

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In the 19th century the market revolution was discovered marking it the most significant change in American communities. Transportation, communication, and the market revolutions changed the everyday American lives drastically. The U.S. was divided into a lot of very small markets before the Transportation Revolution. Within the U.S. there was no good way to transport goods and there was little trade. With little trade, people made and grew what they needed causing them to become more self-sufficient. In America the Transportation Revolution had a massive effect on the country. A commercial economy was in much of the US. Transportation revolution but mostly in the North. It increased purchases of goods which were produced in many factories and workshops bringing up the market revolution. …show more content…

The telegraph improved American life and made it easier to communicate across long distances. This was very useful in business. It allowed loved ones to also assure their families that they were all right. Of course only a few words were allowed to be sent, but it was still useful. Telegraphs weren't nearly as useful as the telephone but that came in later on. Railroads for example used telegraphs a lot because they needed to be able to communicate rapidly between other stations. This allowed railroads to operate more effectively. The market revolution was everything but big. Even though the market revolution was criticized by a lot of people, it was a remarkable step towards a strong and stable economy in United States. This allowed space for more growth among the nation and each individual. Transportation and communication had a major effect on the changes that were made in America. The market revolution transformed the goals people applied to their work and their approach towards it. It turned farmers into businessmen, and it changed the relationships between buyers and sellers, employers and

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