How Did William Bradford Setbacks On Their Journey In Of Plymouth Plantation

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In William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation, the pilgrims undergo a couple of setbacks on their journey across the ocean. Their journey began with the Mayflower setting sail from Plymouth hoping to get to the other side of the Atlantic. Hopes of reaching land safely were set short; but the crew decided to plead to god for help with their voyage. In looking at Of Plymouth Plantation’s, we will consider the sailing crew and their continual pleading to god to find how god’s providence is always amongst them throughout their voyages around the sea. In the beginning of the pilgrims’ voyage their old ship begins to break down, so they start to call god for help. Bradford describes how their ship was caught up with crosswinds and storms; causing …show more content…

Sailing through the ocean, the crew gets caught up in a wild and deadly storm; and of course turns to god for help. The crew is back safely after a hectic journey through the treacherous ocean and praise god for bringing them back safely. “ Being thus arrived in a good harbor, and brought safe to land, they fell upon their knees and blessed the God of Heaven who had brought them over the vast and furious ocean…” (30). In this quote William Bradford personifies god by saying that he brought the sailors of the vast ocean safely. God can’t physically bring the sailors over the ocean because he is not in a physical state, but Bradford is making it sound as if god used two hands and picked up the sailors boat across the ocean. It looks as if they only come to praise god in times of need and never come to thank god. Also Bradford tells us how the crew got on their knees to thanking god for help. Usually when someone gets down on their knees it shows their gratitude to them and how much they respect him. People usually get down on their knees for a king, and they are making god as if he is a king. This is the first time we see the crew getting caught up in such a mess and see them turning to god for

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