How Do Alkaseltzer Tablets Affect The Boiling Point Of Water

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The Effect of Alkaseltzer Tablets on the Boiling Point of Water Zackary Zambrano Chemistry Honors Mrs.Gregor Period-3 10/5/16 Introduction Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to see whether or not alkaseltzer tablets have an effect on the boiling point of 100 mL of water. The control is just water, the variable groups are 100 mL of water with one tablet, and 100 mL of water with two tablets. “What exactly is boiling? The technical definition is what occurs when the vapor pressure of a liquid is greater than or equal to the atmospheric pressure.”(Lopez,k) Simply put water, boils when enough energy is released to cause bubbles and then turn to vapor. When water begins to boil, the water will continue to boil at…show more content…
With the perfect conditions water boils at “212°F: Full rolling boil.”(Lopez,K) Another factor in boiling point is any impurities residing the the water itself. “For instance, if water comes to a boil at exactly 100 degrees Celsius at 1 atmosphere, it means that is pure and does not contain any impurities. If the boiling point differs, it must mean that the water is impure.”(Factors that affect the boiling point of water.) Overall there are many ways that water 's boiling point can be affected by outside forces, but the focus will be on alkaseltzer tablets and how they influence water 's boiling point. The active ingredients in the alka seltzer tablet are “As the tablets dissolve, the sodium bicarbonate splits apart to form sodium and bicarbonate ions. The bicarbonate ions react with hydrogen ions from the citric acid to form carbon dioxide gas (and water). This is how the bubbles are made.”(Scientific American) These bubbles are representative of a chemical change and the resulting carbon dioxide should increase the water 's density. This may actually increase the volume of the water taking longer to boil, this difference may be minuscule, even negligible, but there 's a possibility for distinct change in results. This scientific American puts it best “For the reaction to occur,
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