How Does Elizabeth Bennet Present The Theme Of Intelligence In Pride And Prejudice

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In pride and prejudice Elizabeth bennet presents her intelligence in a manner that is not displayed by other important characters. However, when Mr. Darcy comes into play Elizabeth seems to become more reserved and less willing to flaunt her intelligence and is more concerned with the societal consequences of her and her family’s actions. Elizabeth Bennet sets herself above most of the other characters through her thoughts and actions in an unintentional way. Elizabeth never gives into the other follies that her sisters or the Bingley sisters delve into. Yet when she begins to realize that she had feelings or the lack of feelings for certain men in the novel she develops an attitude that truly begins to engulf her personality to a new personality that is comparable to her younger sisters. Before she …show more content…

Darcy the way in which she describes him is questionable in its entirety, “and the person with the quizzical brow?” She is both perplexed and interested in him from her first sighting, until she actually meets him and hears what he says in regards to herself. She has never been involved in a courtship, nor has she ever dealt with many men outside of her father and family friends. Mr. Darcy is entirely disenchanted by Elizabeth and wants no part of her time because of her family and lowly connections (Hernadi 62). To any woman the basic denial of a man is enough to allow a sense of want to set into their minds even if it is not what the woman believes she wants. For example Elizabeth takes a strong dislike for Mr. Darcy until close to the end of the novel when he opens up to her and she is allowed to see what made him the way he was. His actions and attitudes towards her were not because he chose to act that way, but because of others and their past mistakes that is why he treated her so terribly. Elizabeth realizes that Darcy is a hateful and decidedly obtrusive man when she first encounters him, and in the end she ends up marrying

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