How Does Gilbert Paul Jordan Commit Crime

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Each and every country around the world face constant issues and dilemmas everyday. It ranges from poverty to climate change but one main issues that occurs daily is crime. This issue is on the news and in papers regularly whether it is someone murdering another or a drug bust. It is happening and we see or hear about it everyday. The ones who commit these crime are not all bad people nor are they all psychotic. Crime is defined by Urban Dictionary as an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. This essay will focus on a Gilbert Paul Jordan. Gilbert was convicted of manslaughter, rape, and kidnapping throughout the 1960's and on going. This essay will also discuss the 3 main theoretical perspectives …show more content…

Gilbert Jordan is well known as the boozing barber; a Canadian serial killers who is believed to have committed alchol murders in Vancouver, British Columbia. Murderpedia explains that Gilbert Paul Jordan was born in Vancouver, Canada on December 12, 1931. He was an alcoholic and high school dropout at the age of sixteen. By 1952, his criminal record included theft, assault, car theft and heroin possession. He is said to be one of the first Canadians to use alcohol as a weapon. Gilbert is linked to the death of at least 8 to 10 females between 1965 to 1988 but he was only convicted manslaughter for one of the females, Vanessa Lee Buckner. Jordan was convicted several times prior to the manslaughter charge. In May of 1961, a 5 year old girl was found in the car of Jordan. He was charged with kidnapping but never convicted. In January of 1963 Jordan brought two women into his car with intentions to drink. Police charged him with sexual assault and theft. He was convicted on the theft charge, but acquitted of sexual assault. In April of 1965 a switchboard operator named Ivy Rose Oswald accompanied Gilbert on one of his drinking night out. The next day, Ivy's naked body was found in a Vancouver

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