How Does Montag Change In Fahrenheit 451

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In the novel ,Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury the story portrays the protagonist Guy Montag outset on a dangerous curiosity for books after coming across three outcast of society, Throughout the novel each of them change Montag and begin to open his coarse mind and show him a whole new view of the dystopian nature they live in. One of them a young school girl named Clarisse, who takes in every small detail that life has given to her. She questions Montag over his own happiness which makes him begin to rethink his life. The other, an old woman whose house and books he must burn, this further upsets this mindset when she ends her own life for her books. These encounters bring Montag to reconfigure his whole life. Each lesson he learns is molded by the hands of society to fit everyone's needs, but in this system lays a flaw not letting anyone have no ingenuity for themselves. As a result of this he seeks out the guidance of the old gentleman whom he meet one evening in the park. Faber becomes …show more content…

When he first comes across Faber they converse over their relatable curiosity. Faber refers to when he first over the destruction of novels. “ I’m one of the innocents that who could have spoken up and out when no one would listen to the ‘guilty’, but i did not speak and thus became guilty myself.” (Bradbury page, 78). He then praises Montag on his braveness to keep books. Montag can complete something Faber was unable to do. He then gives him the steps to carry out actions to speak up to society. With these new skills Montag can carry out his own actions to express his was. When Montag faces the decision to go against his colleagues he decides to go against the laws and use the art of fire to destroy his consequences, completing what Faber could

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