How Does Paul Fisher Affect The Choices In Tangerine

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Have you ever heard of a novel by the author Edward Bloor by the name of Tangerine with the main characters name being Paul Fisher and the choices he makes and the resulting consequence? If you have not this is for sure the novel for you. In Edward Bloor’s novel Tangerine, one character’s choices and the consequences of these choices affect the development of the main character, Paul Fisher. In this story Paul Fisher is a very interesting 7th grade boy that makes some choices and the result of it is not that great. Paul also makes good choices but never gets a good consequence for it. Also in this story Paul’s dad doesn’t pay much attention to him and focuses more on his brother Erik Fisher and his football dream. This essay is going to be about how Paul or someone else making a choice and how it affects him. A choice made Mrs.Fisher affected Paul by him not being able to play soccer. Mrs.Fisher made this choice to get a tour of the school and she filled out an IEP for Paul. If you don’t know what an IEP is it will be explained. An IEP is for someone that has bad vision and is visually impaired. When Paul went to go try out for the soccer team he made the soccer team and the coach found out that Paul had an IEP on his file so he kicked Paul off the soccer team. After Paul got kicked off the team he waited for his …show more content…

What Erik does in this choice is hitting Tino across the face with a ring. The evidence for this choice is said by Tino, he says “Yeah. I really like that thing you do, Funny Guy, when you pretend to kick a football and then you go flyn’ up in the air and then land right on your butt.” (pg.196). This was a very immature choice by Erik for hitting a seventh grader in the face. All these choices made by everybody in Paul’s family and other people are all hurting him because he is losing friends by something happening or by them losing their

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