How Fishing Has Changed My Life

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We all know the saying “give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime.” Although this may have been true in the past Fishing has evolved into much more than a way to feed one self. Fishing has evolved into a way to let go and truly bond with those around you. From a young age my father instilled the peaceful sound of rushing water and the beauty of nature into my life. Fishing has been a part of my life even back in the days where I could not fish on my own and my father would let my brother and I reel in the fish that he had caught. Every year when I was young we would take a week long fishing trip to Montana where we would travel to the edges of the state just to fish the many of the gorgeous rivers and lakes Montana has to…show more content…
Over time my father slowly taught me and my brother how to fish on our own and showed us how enjoyable fishing could really be when you are surrounded by people you care about. After the yearly trips to Montana stopped my urge to fish continued. In high school, after school, my friends and I would head out to the river, to the “spot,” and fish for a few hours while the sunlight shined. Fishing was an inexpensive hobby for my friends and I to pick up, only costing $40 for a license and a few dollars more for hooks and worms. As we got older our love of fishing grew as we could finally begin to travel the state on our own and hike to and fish at some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers I have ever seen. After graduating high school we were finally aloud borrow my friend’s dad’s fishing boat. No longer were we stuck to the shore, thus sparked one of the greatest summers I have ever had. Over the course of that summer we would go camping and fishing for days on end. While out on the water and standing on the shore I have entered into some of the best and longest lasting friendships and relationships I have even been
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