The Bass, The River And Sheila Mant By W. D.

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Bethany Haehn Due Date: Friday 25th Journal 1 I am reading “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W. D. Wetherell. This story ia about a boy who has a crush on Sheila Mant, so he takes her on a date in a boat and catches the biggest bass he has ever caught. He now has to decide on Sheila or the bass. I will be questioning and connecting As I am reading this story, I am wondering if he is going to pick Sheila Mant or the bass. The narrator might pick the bass. First, fishing is his favorite pass time. The whole summer, if he wasn’t watching Sheila, he was fishing. When he gets ready for their date, he puts his fishing supplies in the boat without even thinking about it. He also took a lot of time to learn about fish, like he

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