How Fyffe Changed My Life

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Can a small simple town have major effects on almost every aspect of a person 's life? Some people would answer this question with a no, but I would answer with a defiant yes because I personally have been changed by a town named Fyffe. Fyffe , a quaint town in northeast Alabama, does not seem like a place able to change someone since little happens. On the inside however lies an amazing school where I have gone my whole life, and a strong vibrant community. The town of Fyffe has majorly influenced my life, principles, and the goals I strive to achieve. The town of Fyffe has majorly influenced my life. My friends has been the main thing that Fyffe has changed. Fyffe being such a small town means there are not a lot of people nor …show more content…

The strong team unity present in the program and strict practice regimen has made me attain an utmost value in responsibility. Since practices constantly take place they have required me to conscientious of my actions and remember my requirements of the next day and if what I am doing would hurt the team. Along with responsibility, the athletic program has birthed my competitive nature and principle of doing my best. The football team at Fyffe has an extremely competitive atmosphere since abating greatness cannot come without competing with the best and doing your best. The tendency to try my hardest has also followed me in the classroom where I constantly look for someone to try to beat in grades and scores, and attempt to make the highest grades possible. Another principle that I try to follow is treating everyone equally. The principle has stemmed from Fyffe by me seeing people from the town be horribly rude to people for things they cannot help. Although the majority of people are not like this, it has shown me how I do not want to be and in this way Fyffe has created this principle for

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