Explain How High School Athletics Has Changed My Life

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Lowry high school athletics have changed my life in many ways. It has taught me discipline, respect and how to handle my success and failures. High school athletics to me have been more than just time to miss school or just a thing to do to mess around with my friends. Athletics have already enhanced my career tremendously already. The first thing high school athletics has taught me is disciple. Being a part of the Wrestling team these past 4 years has taught me more discipline imaginable. The discipline that wrestling taught me is when a coach or an elder asks you to do something, you do it. Cutting weight will teach one discipline real quick. Throughout my wrestling career I had to cut weight every year, which is by no means an easy thing to do. The discipline it takes is outstanding to me that I am actually able to do it. Without that discipline how could I expect to have any discipline throughout the rest of my life? Discipline is taught through every sport it just takes someone special to completely follow through on it. …show more content…

Respect, respect, respect for your coaches, for your fellow team mates and for your opponent. You lead by example, you can’t ask for respect if you don’t give it. My family has always been hard on me about giving respect, no matter who it is to. Without the right amount of respect given, not much can be done. I have been a witness to it every year, a mister know it all thinks he is smart than the coaches and likes to run his mouth showing no respect and effortlessly paying attention. Coaches are volunteers, they do not have to be there, they chose to and they are only there to help us. Lack of respect is deadly in learning a sport and trying to get better. I have learned to respect nearly everyone on and off the field or

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