How Has 9/11 Changed America

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Race is man-made, because there is only one race in this world: the human race. American was built on the immigrants that came into this country in search of the “American Dream”, the dream of cultural freedom, the dream of freedom of speech and the freedom of being able to be who you are. American is known as the melting pot where everyone can live at piece with each other, yet racism lives on in America; racism toward Muslims. This racism has been happening for a very long time but has increased since the terrorists attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, better known as 9/11. This is a very historic attack and not only changed the fact that the Twin Towers is no longer standing but it has changed America as a whole. Islamophobia has begun as well as the violence and verbal attack on Muslims. In the poem First Writing Since the speaker, Suheir Hammad, elaborates on the feeling that she withholds internally since the …show more content…

We see it in schools, politics and even in major travel sits such as airports. “For one thing, I travel a great deal and it seems to me, each time I enter US airport security, that the terrorists have won, because now I cannot pass any flight—whether for an hour or for two days—without having my entire body subjected to a search, scan, and/or pat” (Wadud 701). These invasive searches have been reportedly subjected to the Muslim coming into America. It starts with just one look, the look of a Hijab or a Turban. This is considered to be racial profiling yet it is not corrected in the law it goes on each and every day. Many political individuals support this and many even believe that our borders should be closed to the Muslims. Our fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump called a complete shutdown to all Muslims coming into Muslims; this includes any Muslim that comes as a tourist or to study in America. This completely goes against the idea of

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