How Important Was George's Decision In Killing Lennie Essay

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In what situation would it be okay to kill your best friend? Even if you were trying to help them would it still justify murder? Although it violates God's law and Man's law could it still be seen as a justifiable choice. A man named George was given this hard decision. George was a short man who traveled with an abnormally large man with the heart of a child who went by Lennie. Lennie could not look after himself so Lennies aunt told george to look after him. They are farm hands who go from plantation to plantation working for the farm owners. They both have a particular goal in mind; to have their own piece of land and not have to work anymore.Even though many others would try to argue that George's decision in killing Lennie was the wrong …show more content…

“Some workers were even worked to death because of “chain gangs””. Lennie would not have done well in a “chain gang” he was larger than most people so the shackles would have been tighter on him than anyone else which would cause painful ulcers and blisters. Some workers would even fake injuries to stay away from the harsh conditions in the fields. “An individual’s misstep or fall could imperil the entire group”. Lennie was a clumsy person him tripping over the chains and shackles would have been likey this would not only cause him harm but also the inmates around him. Others would argue that George’s decision in killing Lennie was unjust. George killing lennie went against man's law and also gods law “Exodus 20:13 King James Version (KJV) 13 Thou shalt not kill”. Even if it was wrong george was doing what he thought was best for his friend. He was thinking about his friends suffering if he would have let him live.Lennie would have either died slow from the infected gunshot. Or he would have died in a prison suffering. He might have went to a mental institute and been abused for the rest of his

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