How Is Anti Federalism Different From The Anti-Federalists

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Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists On September 17, 1787, the constitution was signed and in America, this changed society because the constitution was fundamentals and examples for the future for next generations to follow. Although, to many people, the constitution was not enough and it only benefited those wrote it and created equality for the majority of people but not everyone. However, even though there were protesters, there were supports who did not see this constitution as flawed, but the only perfection. These two groups were known as the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, in which they wrote continuous arguments against each other to only disprove other. Although the Anti-Federalists proved worthy of their decision to protest against …show more content…

An example of the government taking granted of their power as mentioned by many Anti-Federalists is stated source two when it proclaims, “Those who have governed, have been found in all ages ever active to enlarge their powers and abridge the public liberty. This has induced the people in all countries, where any sense of freedom remained, to fix barriers against the encroachments of their rulers” In which, if the government is only meant to help the American society and have freedom with equality among all then why does the government not add these Bill of Rights so a scenario like this never seems likely. Of course one might say that the government may never do that, but nobody knows that and so all the Anti-federalists truly want is to prevent history from repeating itself with a powerful government over their people. Additionally, the author of this source describes how the government was created, and states, “ It was because one part exercised fraud, oppression and violence, on the other, that men came together, and agreed that certain rules should be formed to regulate the conduct of all, and the power of the whole community lodged in the hands of rulers to enforce an obedience to them”. Although it seems reasonable to have somebody in charge to help stop the misconduct of the people it still proves fault worthy. What makes it that this ruler won’t do the same thing, just cause problems and trouble with the whole community in his hands. Which is why by adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, both people and ruler or the government would be kept in check with each other. Ultimately, Anti-Federalists No.84 asserts, “I need say no more, I presume, to an American, than that this principle is a fundamental one, in all the Constitutions of our own States; there is not one of them but what is either founded

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