How Is Fahrenheit 451 Still Relevant Today

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I believe that stories from the past are not outdated or worthless, but they contain valuable information and lessons that are still relevant to this day. We can still learn from what was written long ago and we can take away important truths that will help move forward our society. However, stories from the past are also not useful if that is the only thing you accept as truth. The stories have valuable lessons, but they also are from the past. If the society won’t learn the lessons of the past and move forward in the world, they aren’t functioning well. The first example I have is the book ‘Fahrenheit 451’. In Fahrenheit 451 books are burned because every book offends someone. The people in the world would rather just watch meaningless TV shows than to read a book. The people only care for instant gratification and don’t listen to what is happening around them. This is another reason that stories from the past are important. They help build society into a place that has people who learn, grow and think for themselves. However in Fahrenheit 451, the people choose not to think for themselves. This is not a great idea, as shown by the end of Fahrenheit 451. The people have become so ignorant that their own city is under attack, but the people don’t ever …show more content…

In whale rider, the grandfather, Koro, is very set in his ways. He is follows the traditions of the Maori culture and is looking for the next chief of the tribe. Pai is clearly the best candidate, but Koro will not see this because she is a girl and he believes that the chief has to be a boy. Koro continues to follow his traditions, but it becomes clear that the tribe needs to adapt their traditions to fit the modern world. They need to find a way to keep the core lessons and values, but continue to grow and learn as a society. That is the main point of whale rider. Stories from the past are important, but we need to use them to learn, grow, and think as a

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