How Is John Proctor A Tragic Hero

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The definition of a hero is someone who puts the needs of others in front of their own and make every effort to benefit the lives of the people around them. The Crucible by Arthur Miller takes place in a town called Salem. Salem had recently been prevailed by a group of young girls who were accusing people of practicing witchcraft. Anyone who was accused of witchcraft was sent to trial and would later on be hanged as a punishment if they did not sign a confession. In The Crucible, John Proctor is seen as a tragic hero. His wife Elizabeth was accused of witchcraft by the young girls which meant that she would be arrested and most likely hanged. John Proctor had make mistakes in the past such as cheating on his wife which led him to make the ultimate sacrifice for his family and his name. John Proctor confesses to being a witch as he knows it is the only way he can save his wife Elizabeth from being arrested and killed. Proctor is seen as a tragic hero because he decides to not sign his confession as it would …show more content…

John Proctor has a reversal in fortune after he has an affair with Abigail. His affair with Abigail led to Abigail accusing Elizabeth of practicing witchcraft. If Proctor had used better judgement and not had an affair with Abigail, life would have been much better for Proctor and his family. When Proctor confesses to his affair he states, “A man may think God sleeps, but God sees everything, I know it now. I beg you, sir, I beg you—see her what she is. She thinks to dance with me on my wife's grave! And well she might, for I thought of her softly. God help me, I lusted, and there is a promise in such sweat. But it is a whore's vengeance” (Miller, 85). Proctor, after the fact, now understands that what he has done was wrong and has lead to many bad events. This is a great example of anagnorisis as he realizes that his own actions led to his downfall as well as his

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