How Successful Was The New Deal Dbq

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The New Deal changed America forever. The New Deal was a set of federal programs financial support from the government to respond to the Great Depression. The Great Depression caused widespread panic throughout America and it was caused by consumers spending less money, industries failing to produce and sell products, and the unevenly distribution of income. Through all of this tragedy, President Hoover’s philosophy explain that the economic cycle and the government is not responsible individual lives. The term is called “Rugged Individualism” which was the idea that people can succeed through their own effort. His philosophy did not satisfy people's needs and in 1932 President Roosevelt stepped in and got elected. Roosevelt’s philosophy basically …show more content…

The reasons why the New Deal was a success was the drop of unemployment rate, care of healthy kids, and it helped elderly who are seeking help. The first reason why the New Deal was a success was the drop of unemployment rate. According to DBQ “Was the New Deal a Success?” in Document 5, the graph displays unemployment rate over a span of 12 years and it shows a decrease of unemployment rate. During 1933 to 1937 it shows a drastic decrease in unemployment rate. This is significant towards the male aspect during that time. During the Great Depression and before the New Deal, male suicide rate rose by 30% due to they cannot support their families or they will become homeless people who lived on the streets. Almost 3x as many men got admitted to mental hospitals and those who were suicidal were depressed and lost all self respect for themselves. Now with the New Deal, men can find new jobs and help pay for their family and they will have a less chance of being suicidal. With more jobs opportunity, men can now have self-respect for themselves and government can spend less money on mental facilities for a growing …show more content…

The first reason why some people might disagree with that the New Deal was a success is the fact that African Americans were being discriminated. According the Document 7, it claims the Federal Housing Authority refused to guarantee mortgages who tried to buy white neighborhoods and other programs that gave African American a disadvantage to the rest of society. This is significant because the New Deal is suppose to help everybody but with this kind of discrimination, we will have a less equal society in America and it will cause a lot of uproar throughout the African American communities. They will go on strike and will cause the government a lot of money to change some of these programs. Before and after the New Deal African Americans are still being discriminated and with less jobs being produce for the African Americans, the economy will be better if more African Americans have jobs. The second reason why the New Deal was a failure is the large amount of debt the US is gaining. According to Document 3, it shows us a table and graph explaining the rise of government debt in a span of 13 years. It exhibits a increase of government debt over the years, getting larger and larger. This large amount of debt affects American families because the government cannot afford to

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